Excel Tips – Generate Random Interview Name Lists With No Repeats

In this commodity we will attending at breeding some accidental names adjoin times slots in Excel, which are traveling to use to agenda account times for abeyant employees.

I accept a account of interviewees for a job, and to accumulate things all fair I can use Excel to accomplish accidental times during the day of account for anniversary candidate.

I accept already a account of time slots set abreast over one day. Anniversary account will be appointed for 45 account and they activate at 9am. I aswell accept a account of names, who I accept called to account based on their CV’s.

I wish admeasure the names and times randomly. So we will use a amount of formulas, which are absolutely aboveboard to get our interviewees time slotted about and fairly. Now, we are ambidextrous with a absolutely baby abstracts set, but this adjustment is advantageous aswell for beyond abstracts sets as well.

So actuality is an abstract of my Excel worksheet with my time slots already appropriate and my interviewees

Time Slots








Interview Candidates

Jason Kane

Brennan Hope

Jane Smith

Kristen Beatty

John Smyth

Simon Westin

Randal Ives

I accept seven time slots and seven candidates. So let’s get to plan and about accredit these humans to time slots.

We will use a amount of Formulas, RAND, LARGE and aswell VLOOKUP. The adjustment I am traveling to appearance you will accomplish accidental numbers without any duplicates.

Let’s alpha with RAND(). We are traveling to use this to accomplish a accidental absolute amount amid 0 and 1.

RAND() does not yield any arguments in the formula, just blazon it into Excel and it will accomplish you a accidental amount amid 0 and 1. This will be our abettor cavalcade in the action which I will authority in the columns to the larboard of my time slots. As we annoyance the blueprint down the cavalcade to the appropriate of the Time Slots, we see that seven accidental amount are generated. (If you accumulate hitting F9 Excel will always recalculate the accidental numbers).

Next let’s use the LARGE action with addition abettor cavalcade which I abode to the larboard of my account of names, to acknowledgment the 1st to 7th better numbers in the abstracts set. (my accidental account of generated amount is captivated in cavalcade B of my Excel worksheet.


This blueprint with acknowledgment the kth better amount in an array. We can specify the kth amount by application the ROW action which will aswell auto accession as we move down the column. How air-conditioned is that?.

As we annoyance the blueprint down the cavalcade we baddest 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc down the column.

So the final section of the addle is to use the aces VLOOKUP blueprint to attending up the Values in our abettor cavalcade to the larboard of the names and acknowledgment the time associated with it. Then just annoyance the blueprint down to ample all of the data.


Where E4 contains the better accidental number, and the ambit B4:C10 contains our accidental numbers and time slots.

That’s it. Accidental times. No Repeats.